About TJ

Hi, my name is TJ Case, a trained, professional musician, record producer, YouNow partner that broadcasts daily with roughly 5.6 million views.

When I was two, I picked up drumsticks, took out the pots and pans, and started drumming my heart out.

By the time I was four, I knew a simple rock beat. I got my first drum kit, it was red and my uncle painted the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the front of the drums.

My father was a massive influence in my music career. He also played in bands and toured. He played all instruments. My mom also sang for one of my dad’s bands, called the Twin City Rollers and was also a massive influence in my life when it came to my music career.

I got taught by many different drum instructors and was taught how to read sheet music at an early age. I also learned how to read charts at the age of 27.

I started playing in bands at the age of 11. The first band I played in was called Trouble Spells Six.

When my career started kicking off, it was with a band called Asylum Country with my best friend Tyson Hanes on vocals.

I started teaching at the age of 18. I taught ages five and up at my dad’s store called Cases Music.

I started working on a streaming website called YouNow in 2015. YouNow has given me the opportunity to excel my career. After years of hard work, dedication, and the support of my fanbase on YouNow, I was able to become an executive producer on an album that Tyson and I have been dreaming about for years and have now completed recording, working with famed producer and musician, Sol Philcox-Littlefield.